The mission of Restore Old Town Greenwood, Inc. is to maintain a vibrant commercial and residential area in Old Town Greenwood by advocating for historic preservation, promoting small business and encouraging community involvement.


Restore Old Town Greenwood connects our diverse community by promoting Old Town as a place to experience a variety of local businesses, leisure and recreational opportunities and to preserve and enhance the historical heart of our community.


In 2010, founder Jennifer Hollingshead reached out to Indiana Landmarks and Indiana Main Street out of frustration that then-Mayor Charles Henderson was developing a plan to tear down one-third of the remaining buildings in Downtown Greenwood. In an effort to educate the public and put a stop to the demolition plans, Jennifer launched a Facebook page in April 2010 called, “Restore Old Town Greenwood (don’t tear it down).”

In 2011, a board of Greenwood residents was formed with the help of Indiana Landmarks and Indiana Main Street. Restore Old Town Greenwood, Inc. became an Indiana state non-profit in January 2012, an official Indiana Main Street community in October 2012 and a federal 501c3 non-profit in the fall of 2015.


2020 Restore Old Town Greenwood, Inc. Board of Directors


President: Brad Nemeth

Secretary: Kathie Starks

Treasurer: Darcy Miles

Additional Board Members

Craig DeBoor

Matt Koehling

Jennifer Hollingshead

Darlene Williams

Rachel Snyder

We follow the Indiana Main Street Four Point Approach:


Building consensus and cooperation among the many groups and individuals involved in the revitalization process. To ensure a self-reliant, broad-based, long-lasting downtown revitalization program, the entire community must rally around the idea. Cooperation from both the public and the private sector is critical to achieve visible results. In addition, a separate staff and business solely dedicated to downtown revitalization is key to achieving long-term, large-scale results.


Marketing the commercial district’s assets to customers, potential investors, businesses, local citizens, and visitors. To keep investors, visitors, and businesses coming downtown, Main Street must reshape the community perspective of downtown as a hub of activity. Successful downtown image campaigns, as well as promotional activities that build upon the community’s unique heritage and culture send a consistent, compelling message promoting the downtown area.


Enhancing the physical appearance of the commercial district by rehabilitating historic buildings, encouraging supportive new construction, developing sensitive design management systems and long-term planning. The look of downtown, its streets, signs, buildings and store interiors is unique to each Indiana community. Main Street’s goal is to work with all these elements to create a friendly, attractive place that will draw in visitors and businesses.

Economic Vitality:

Strengthening the district’s existing economic base while finding ways to expand it to meet new opportunities and challenges from outlying development. Main Street’s ultimate goal is to create downtowns that are economically viable. Researching the regional market and consumer trends give Main Street organizations a realistic picture of what market mix will work for their downtown. Based on their research, Main Street organizations can begin stabilizing existing businesses and recruiting new businesses to fill the gaps.

Learn more at http://www.in.gov/ocra/mainstreet.htm.