The Greenwood Residential Historic District nomination Restore Old Town Greenwoodto the National Register of Historic Places is in the final review stages. The historic district is roughly bounded by Meridian and McKinley Street on the east, Euclid and Longdon Avenues on the north, Perry Street on the west and Main Street on the south. There are 288 contributing properties, developed between about 1870 and the early 1950s, in the historic district.

“It contains mostly smaller-scaled worker housing with the high majority of its houses built between about 1905 and 1925. The district contains three large brick historic churches and Polk Hall, a substantial brick historic community building. There are nearly 300 contributing resources and very few non-contributing resources built after 1950. While the district contains a few examples of styles popular during its development including Gothic Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, Romanesque, Colonial Revival and Craftsman/Bungalow, the vast majority of the houses are simple vernacular examples of residential architecture using a handful of building plans,” wrote Kurt West Garner, in the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form.

Addresses and detailed information about the historic district can be found in the nomination form and a map of the historic district is also available. The Greenwood Residential Historic District is expected to be finalized in April 2017.